Type d'oeuvre
Oeuvre originale
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Dietrich Moravec
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Dimensions hors cadre
40 x 50 x 0,1 cm(15,75 x 19,69 x 0,04 in)
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Dietrich Moravec
Description de l'oeuvre

This pastel painting is a harmonious ode to the diversity and beauty of
nature. The central element is a rustic wooden board on which a rich
selection of fruits and twigs are arranged. Pears, an apple, an orange
and branches with red berries create a rich visual dynamic with their
respective colors and variety of shapes. The wooden board itself acts as
 a symbolic stage for this botanical composition, conveys a natural
down-to-earth feel and reinforces the organic aesthetic.
The pastel
colors give the painting a soft, almost dreamlike quality, while the
deep black background creates a stark contrast, bringing the fruits and
branches to the foreground. The carefully crafted details, especially
the textures of the fruits and leaves, contribute to the realism of the
Soft pastels on Pastelmat.
Shipping via DHL, packed in a
 transparent sleeve between two layers of lightweight foam board and in a
 cardboard box. Instructions for proper framing included.

Dietrich MORAVEC

Fruit Arrangement(2023)

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