Type d'oeuvre
Oeuvre originale
Certificat délivré par
Patrick Joosten
bas droite
Dimensions hors cadre
115 x 80 x 4 cm(45,28 x 31,5 x 1,57 in)
Dimensions avec cadre
118 x 83 x 5 cm(46,46 x 32,68 x 1,97 in)
Facture délivrée par
Patrick Joosten
Description de l'oeuvre

Castle in Arctic mist

“Castle in Arctic mist” is a masterpiece by Patrick Joosten, a vision of ethereal bliss, a fortress emerging from the cold mist, a monument to a forgotten era. A majestic tower pierces the mist-shrouded sky that rolls like a white cloak in a timeless realm.
In this frozen land of ice and snow, the castle is like a beacon of hope, a sanctuary for those who seek refuge, a refuge for those who dare to face it.
“Castle in Arctic mist” is a work of art that transcends time, a masterpiece of vision and peace, a castle that will shine forever.

Original artwork signed P. Joosten on the front lower right and at the back.
Dimensions 115 x 80 x 4 cm.
Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity

2023 – March 22.


Castle in Arctic mist(2023)

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