Technique mixte
Type d'oeuvre
Oeuvre originale
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Galerie Corpet
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Dimensions hors cadre
70 x 70 x 3,5 cm(27,56 x 27,56 x 1,38 in)
Dimensions avec cadre
71 x 71 x 4 cm(27,95 x 27,95 x 1,57 in)
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Galerie Corpet
Description de l'oeuvre

In this world of images, Nature reminds us that she is the master mother: "After a storm in Corsica, Island of France (ALERIA Beach), I was amazed by the work of the sea which composed, wave after wave, a work of driftwood and various waste, in front of my eyes. This painting testifies to this ambivalent experience between despair, wonder and anger...»

Thierry CORPET

#11 ALALIA(2022)

Annonce N°2507659
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