Paula MURRAY - Pulse

Artiste La cote de Paula MURRAY / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Oeuvre originale
Titre Pulse
Année 2021
Catégorie Céramique
Technique Porcelaine
Signature Non signé
Dimensions hors cadre
8 x 19 x 7 in
20,32 x 48,26 x 17,78 cm
Certificat délivré par Oeno Gallery
Facture Non
État manques

In her Quebec studio, ceramic artist Paula Murray uses her own recipe for porcelain clay that she hand-shapes into intricate pieces and permits the natural drying tensions between her mediums to create unusual abstract shapes. Inspired by forms and patterns found in nature, Murray’s work often reflects the deeply spiritual connection between humans and the natural world.

With its creamy colour and contrasting veining, the Pulse vessel is one of a series Murray calls, ‘Furl.’ The finely detailed curled porcelain piece pushes the boundaries of traditional fired clay.

Annonce N° 2330608
Statut du vendeur Professionnel
3 000 $ (2 558 €)
3 000 $
3 000 $ (2 182 £)
3 000 $ (19 401 ¥)

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