Scott PATTINSON - Denouement No 53

Artiste La cote de Scott PATTINSON / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Oeuvre originale
Titre Denouement No 53
Année 2016
Catégorie Peinture
Technique Huile/toile
Signature verso
Dimensions hors cadre
28 x 22 in
71,12 x 55,88 cm
Dimensions avec cadre
29 x 23 in
73,66 x 58,42 cm
Certificat délivré par Oeno Gallery
Facture Non
État manques

This gestural work has a strong graphic quality, with sparse calligraphic black mark making. However, the exuberance in the piece comes from the warm broad strokes of the golden yellow, tangerine and crimson red. Pattinson's body of work uniformly evokes this intense engagement of the moment where sensuality and emotion are built into mapped geometries of sliding specificity. Carrying on the tradition of abstract expressionism (one thinks of de Kooning), Pattinsons's work defies a static definition.

(b.1974, Toronto, ON) Pattinson studied architecture and urban design at Oxford University and the University of Toronto. Both disciplines inform his dynamic, structural abstract painting. Since 2005, Pattinson has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in galleries across Canada, including a 2014 retrospective at Gallery Stratford.

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Annonce N° 2277527
Statut du vendeur Professionnel
3 000 $ (2 466 €)
3 000 $
3 000 $ (2 118 £)
3 000 $ (19 289 ¥)

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