José BEDIA VALDÉS - Olokun

Artiste La cote de José BEDIA VALDÉS / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Oeuvre originale
Titre Olokun
Année 2017
Catégorie Peinture
Technique Technique mixte
Signature bas droite
Dimensions hors cadre
97 x 48 in
246,38 x 121,92 cm
Certificat délivré par Letter of authentication on MLA Gallery letterhead
Facture délivrée par MLA Gallery
État excellent

This is an outstanding example of Bedia's recent works on hand made amate paper. Few Cuban artists have developed a body of work as coherent and original as that of José Bedia. 

In his paintings, drawings and installations, José Bedia has not only used a hive of cultural references from Cuba, but also from Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, focusing on those that western civilization, with its technological vanity and false idea of progress, has considered underdeveloped, backward or pre-modern. 

The often simple and schematic appearance of his works and the generally austere and synthetic character of his discourse follows the principle of doing more with less, concealing a conceptual and philosophical depth and an abundance of uncommon information, the result not so much of bookish study as of his contact and direct identification with the systems of knowledge of those cultural groups that some call native, aboriginal or traditional.

Annonce N° 2097839
Statut du vendeur Professionnel

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