Carlo VANCHIERI - Africa

Artiste La cote de Carlo VANCHIERI / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Oeuvre originale
Titre Africa
Année 2001
Catégorie Peinture
Technique Huile/toile
Signature bas droite
Dimensions hors cadre
39,37 x 47,24 in
100 x 120 x 2 cm
Certificat délivré par Vanchieri Carlo
Facture Non

The artwork's composition spreads out to two different, but same-sized, canvas surfaces (cm. 60 x cm. 100); these are fixed to the centre by two hinges that let the work opening to the maximum range of 180°.
So, for instance, the painting could easily be hanging from a corner wall, 45 degrees opened. The edges (cm. 2 depth) are sandblasted and cerulean oil-colour fixed. Work's structure starts from a pink shades oval heart, placed centrally at the bottom. The movement extends equally on both sides, just like forming arches through various thick and long green brush strokes. Then, applying a process of ultramarine dabbing yet green strokes as well, artwork's very own structure actually get its final shape. On the upper side, long strokes manage to appear again, moving right to the same direction, though they are cerulean ones instead. To the edges, like enclosing the whole, there are two vertical tableaux, still covered in ultramarine patches and yellow strokes.

Lot N° 1951829
Pays ITALY (Bagheria)
Frais Livraison payée par l'acheteur
Coût du transport 110
Assurance Oui
Nombre de colis 1
Poids 10.0 Kg
Informations complémentaires

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Mise à prix
3 000 $ (2 667 €)
3 000 $
3 000 $ (2 307 £)
Début d'enchère le 02/05/2019 06:00

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