Salvador DALI - Don Quixote Seated (Prestige-scale)

Artiste La cote de Salvador DALI / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Multiple
Titre Don Quixote Seated (Prestige-scale)
Année 1972
Catégorie Sculpture-Volume
Technique Bronze
Numérotation et/ou édition Edition of 99 plus 9 proofs
Fondeur Bonvicini Fonderia, Italy
Signature verso
Dimensions hors cadre
27,95 x 14,76 x 12,4 in
71 x 37,5 x 31,5 cm
Certificat délivré par 2049 Obra Contemporanea, accredited by Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, Figueras
Facture Non
Réf. catalogue raisonné Catalogue Raisonne "Le Dur et le Mou" by Robert & Nicolas Descharnes, pg. 173, Ref #439
État excellent

Dali was fascinated by the character created by Cervantes. He painted the subject many times, and produced illustrations for this literary masterpiece for three editions in 1946, 1957 and 1964. 
Dali felt like a Don Quixote himself, as he too, believed in the existence of his world of dreams. It is very possible that Don Quixote Seated representsDali himself, as his arm reaches out and explains to us his paranoid-critical method that rests on his lap. About Cervantes’ Don Quixote, the artist himself commented, “Being a Spaniard, and a realist, Don Quixote had no need for an Aladdin’s lamp. Picking an acorn from an oak was enough for him to bring our Golden Age back to life”.

Accompanied by original certification of authenticity from the publisher as descended from Dali's famed publisher Isidro Clot, and accredited by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation in Figueras, Spain. 

Annonce N° 1858426
Statut du vendeur Professionnel
32 000 $ (26 865 €)
32 000 $
32 000 $ (23 151 £)
32 000 $ (207 911 ¥)

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