Brenda BIONDO - Paper Sky no. 07 (Large)

Artiste La cote de Brenda BIONDO / Toutes les œuvres sur la Marketplace
Type d'oeuvre Multiple
Titre Paper Sky no. 07 (Large)
Année 2014
Catégorie Photo
Technique Tirage pigmentaire
Numérotation et/ou édition Edition 2 of 9
Signature verso
Dimensions hors cadre
37,99 x 31,1 in
96,5 x 79 cm
Certificat délivré par IdeelArt
Facture délivrée par Brenda Biondo

Dye sublimation print on aluminum (matte/lustre finish)

This artwork is part of a series titled Paper Skies.

For images in that series, Brenda Biondo starts by photographing the sky from the deck of her home, located at 6,500 feet (2000 meters) or from the field surrounding her secondary studio at 10,000 feet (3000 meters) altitude. Often, she'll photograph clear blue skies; other times, she'll zoom in on grey clouds or a colorful sunset. She then prints the image, takes it back outside, folds it and/or cuts a piece out of it, and finally holds the print up to the sky and photographs it.

In her Paper Skies series, this juxtaposition of the print against the actual sky creates an abstract image that emphasizes the ambiguity between the real and the reproduced, and allows the original printed photograph to be seen in a new context as a three-dimensional geometric form. 

Edition of 9 + 2AP

Annonce N° 1736446
2 300 £ (2 558 €)
2 300 £ (2 904 $)
2 300 £

Contacter le vendeur : IdeelArt

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