Kumiko IMANAKA - Untitled

Artiste La cote de Kumiko IMANAKA / Les lots pour Kumiko IMANAKA
Type d'oeuvre Oeuvre originale
Titre Untitled
Année 1967
Catégorie Peinture
Technique Technique mixte
Signature verso
Dimensions hors cadre 24 x 33 cm
Certificat d'authenticité Non
Facture Non

One of a small handful of female artists from the Gutai movement. In the early 1960s, Imanaka Kumiko produced a body of reliefs that resembled turbine motors, made by twisting thin strips of shiny paper and affixing them to Styrofoam or acrylic boards in swirling patterns. With her mathematically inspired structures and use of new materials, Imanaka became a prominent figure of optical art in Phase Two Gutai.

Annonce N° 1627788

Contacter le vendeur : W. Alexander

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