Type d'oeuvre
Multiple (9500 exemplars in nickel (501 to 10000))
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Dimensions hors cadre
4,5 x 8 x 4 cm(1,77 x 3,15 x 1,57 in)
Réf. catalogue raisonné
Opus 108 Mini Maria * Pages 79, 259-261, 446.
Description de l'oeuvre
MINT CONDITION Standard Flat Base in plastic material + OPTIONAL Round base OPTIONAL Tall base 32,60 cm Nickel plated Steel 1968-69 Size 4.5x 8x 4 cm. Interlocking. 23 elements. One of the elements is a ring. 6 exemplars in gold (I/VI to VI/VI) lost wax casting, 500 in sterling silver or bronze 1 to 500 lost wax casting, 9.500 in chrome plated Zamak (501 to 10000) casted with steel injection molds. Original book of instruction, available is essential and is also certificate of authenticity. For more info please contact us.

Mini Maria Opus 108 (1968) (1968)

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