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Art Formosa

(13/07/2018 - 15/07/2018)


Art Formosa
Taïwan, République De Chine

The past three years ART FORMOSA has been relentlessly cultivating the art market in Taiwan as an art fair holding the ideals of being exquisite, high-end and contemporary. Since 2017, we commenced our cooperation with Eslite Bookstore to solidify ART FORMOSA with substantial resources, while the former is the leading nurturer of humanity ambience. This year, we will continue inviting outstanding galleries in Asia to feature fantastic art projects. Meanwhile, the scale of crossover collaboration with architecture, design and fashion will be expanded to carry out life aesthetics. The participated gallery will provide a complete curatorial project and artist concept to interact with the dual-venue art fair.

ART FORMOSA with its highlight of solo shows has gained its prestige in Taiwan and has attracted significant Taiwanese collectors including Robert Tsao (the honorary chairman of UMC), Frank Huang (the chairman of PTC), Victor Ma (the president of Yuanta Financial Holdings), James Chu (the chairman of ViewSonic Corp), Matthew Miao (the chairman of Mitac-Synnex group), Yu-Neng Chang (the chairman of Dahin Development), Tao-Ming Lee (the president of Yakult), Ming-Zhe Lin (Mountain Group). In 2018, we will increase the invitation list to invite more major collectors in Taiwan and develop potential collectors for a sustainable high-end International art fair.

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