biographie de Alexander NEPOTE (1913-1986)

Birth place: Valley Home, CA

Death place: Millbrae, CA

Addresses: Millbrae, CA; Oakland, CA, 1976

Profession: Painter, educator

Studied: Calif. Col. A. & Cr. (B.A., 1939); Mills Col.; Univ. Calif.; with M. Sheets; Vytlacil.

Exhibited: GGE, 1939; Oakland Art Gal., 1940-41 (prizes); Calif. State Fair, 1941 (prize); Santa Cruz Art Lg., 1938 (prize); Riverside Mus., 1944; United Nations Conference Exh., San Francisco, 1945; SFMA, 1934-46, 1953 (prize), 1955; Worcester Art Mus., 1951; MMA, 1952; Art: USA, 1958; Am. Federation Arts Traveling Exhib., 1958-59; Americans,VMFA, 1962. Awards: Prizes, Calif. WC Soc., 1955 (purchase prize); Oakland Mus., 1947-48, 1955; San Mateo County Fairs, 1954-55; San Francisco Art Festival, 1951-53; Jack London Square Exhib., 1965 & Rio Hondo, CA, 1968; first award, San Mateo Art Fiesta, 1969.

Member: Am. Soc. for Aesthetics; Calif. Nat. Watercolor Soc; Peninsula Art Assn; San Francisco AA.

Work: SFMA; Oakland Art Mus.; MMA; Pasadena Art Mus.; CPLH; Mills College; LACMA; Univ. of Michigan; Denver Art Mus.

Comments: Teaching: prof. art & dean faculty, Calif. College Arts & Crafts, 1945-50; prof. art, Calif. State Univ., San Francisco, 1950-70s.

Sources: WW73; WW47. More recently, see Hughes, Artists in California, 401; P&H Samuels, 345.

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