biographie de George David COULON (1823-1904)

Birth place: Seloncourt, France

Death place: New Orleans, LA

Addresses: New Orleans, LA, 1833-1904

Profession: Portrait, landscape, and still life painter, art teacher, restorer

Studied: In New Orleans: Julien Hudson (1840), Franz Joseph Fleishbein, Jacques Amans, Toussaint-François Bigot, Antoine Mondelli

Exhibited: New Orleans: Library of Lelièvre (1860); John Hawley Clarke's Gallery (1872); Southern Art Union (1881-82); Theodore Lilienthal's (1883); Frank Wagener's (1883); Creole Exhibit, American Exposition (1885-86); Artists' Assoc. of New Orleans (1889-1901); Tulane Univ. (1892-93)

Member: Southern Art Union (founder, 1880); Artists' Assoc. of New Orleans (founder, 1885)

Work: Historic New Orleans Collection

Comments: Arrived in New Orleans with his parents. Assisted LÈon Pomarede in painting the Transfiguration" for St. Patrick's Church. He subsequently gained his own public commissions, including the frescoing of the ceiling of the Old Criminal Court in the Cabildo. He is best known for being, and had a very successful career as, a portrait and landscape painter. His blue and green-toned landscapes were among the first to depict the swamps and bayous of the region. His interest in photography led him, in the 1870's, to work with the photographer John Hawley Clarke, tinting photographs with pastels and oils. He also taught drawing and painting at several local academies for girls (1851-65) and was very influential in the art community.

Sources: G&W; 7 Census (1850), La., V, 555; New Orleans CD 1846, 1852-56; Cline, 38. More recently, see Gerdts, Art Across America, vol. 2, 97; and, for detailed account of his career and a bibliography of contemporary references, see Encyclopaedia of New Orleans Artists, 87-88, 193; "

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