biographie de Harry GOTTLIEB (1895-1992)

Birth place: Bucharest, Romania

Death place: NYC

Addresses: Woodstock, NY; NYC

Profession: Painter, screenprinter, educator, lithographer

Studied: Minneapolis IA

Exhibited: Soc. Indep. Artists, 1925-26, 1928; PAFA, 1926, 1930-34, 1946-52 (medal for best landscape, 1934); Salons of Am., 1929; AIC, 1930 (prize); CI; NAD, 1935 (prize); Corcoran Gal. biennials, 1930-47; Phila. WCC, 1942 (prize); WMAA; ACA Gal., 1956 (retrospective of 35 years); NYC WPA Art" at Parsons School Design, 1977. Awards: Guggenheim Fellowship, 1932-33"

Member: New York Artists Union; Am. Soc. PS & G; Am. Artists Congress; Artists League Am.; An Am. Group; AEA (nat. board); Communist Party; Woodstock AA

Work: WMAA; Berkshire Mus.; Univ. Nebraska; Univ. Arizona; Univ. Georgia MMA; BM; Newark Mus.; Springfield (MA) Mus. Art; Woodstock AA

Comments: He emigrated to Minneapolis in 1906, then moved to NYC in 1918 and became a Social Realist painter. In the early 1920s, he married Eugenie Gershoy (see entry) and the couple soon joined the artists colony at Woodstock, NY. Gottlieb was one of the early screenprint artists; he learned the medium while working for the WPA/FAP, 1935-40. Lectures: art & education, etc.

Sources: WW59; WW47; PHF files; New York City WPA Art, 36 (w/repros.); Woodstock AA; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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