biographie de Noel QUINN (1915-1993)

Birth place: Pawtucket, RI

Death place: Los Angeles, CA

Addresses: Los Angeles

Profession: Painter, illustrator, educator

Studied: RISD (grad., 1936; fellowship, Paris, France); Parsons Sch. Fine & Applied Arts, Paris & Italy (cert. dipl.); …cole des Beaux-Arts; Andre Lhote & Andre Cassandre; Nat. Gal. & Kaiser Frederick Mus., Berlin, Germany.

Exhibited: Am. Paintings & Prints, MMA, 1952; Hallmark Int. Show, Wildenstein Gals., NYC, 1953; Southwest WCS. Show, Southern Methodist Univ., 1969; Yoseido Gal., Tokyo, Japan, 1955 (solo). Awards: State Agric. Comt., Calif. State Fair, 1949 (first prize); Hallmark Int. Award, 1952; Watercolor USA, Springfield AM, 1964 (prize).

Member: Calif. Nat. WCS (pres., 1962-63); Soc. Motion Picture Illustr. (pres., 1963-65).

Work: Butler AI, Youngstown, OH; Air Force Acad.; Pentagon, LOC & House of Representatives; Calif. State Agriculture Coll., Sacramento; Los Angeles Turf Club, Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA. Commissions: Santa Anita Portfolio, Los Angeles Turf Club, 1960.

Comments: Preferred media: watercolors. Teaching: Otis Art Inst., 1953-; Los Angeles City College, 1972. Art interests as stated in 1973: Part of each year devoted to educating the blind in terms of their sight by their study and active participation in art work; creator of new language of symbols for color and value in bas-relief; paintings reproduced in the language overlay provide the pertinent clues which enable them to complete the picture." Auth.: article, Am. Artist Magazine, (May, 1963); "Scene," Southwestern Watercolor Soc. Magazine.

Sources: WW73; add. info courtesy Helen R. Quinn, Los Angeles, CA."

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