biographie de Gene KLOSS (1903-1996)

Birth place: Oakland, CA

Death place: Taos, NM

Addresses: Berkeley, CA; moved to Taos, NM, 1925 and living there in 1976

Profession: Etcher, painter

Studied: Univ. Calif., Berkeley (A.B. , hon. in art), 1924; Calif. Sch. FA, 1924-25; Calif. Sch. Arts & Crafts.

Exhibited: WMAA; Sweden, 1937; WFNY, 1939; GGE, 1939; U.S. Exhib., Paris, 1939; Italy, 1938; Prairie PM; CI, 1943-45; Mus. New Mexico, Santa Fe; SFMA; San Diego FA Soc.; Denver Art Mus.; Three Centuries of Art in U.S. (in collab. with MoMA), Paris, France, 1938; NAD, Ann., New York; Embassy Bldg., New Delhi, India, 1961; SAGA, annually; The West by Members of the NAD, Phoenix (AZ) Art Mus., 1972. Awards: PAFA, 1936 (Eyre Gold Medal); Calif. SE, 1934 (prize), 1940 (prize), 1941 (prize); 1944 (prize); Oakland Art Gal., 1939 (prize); Chicago SE, 1940 (prize); Tucson FAA, 1941 (prize); Phila. Pr. Club, 1944 (prize); LOC, 1946 (prize), 1953 (purchase award); NAD, 1961 (anonymous prize).

Member: SAE; Chicago SE; Prairie PM; California SE; New Mexico Art Lg.; ANA, 1950; NA, 1972; SAGA; Phila. WCC; Albany Print Club; Taos AA; Carmel AA

Work: Smithsonian Inst.; NYPL; SFMA; Honolulu Acad. Arts; Dallas Mus. FA; Mus. New Mexico, Santa Fe; Oklahoma Univ.; Texas Tech. Inst.; Prairie PM; 100 Prints of the Year," 1936-38; AIC; LOC; MMA; CI; CGA; PAFA; Mus. Tokyo, Japan. Commissions: prints, Soc. Print Connoisseurs, New York, 1949; prints, Print Club Albany, NY, 1952; prints, SAGA, New York, 1953; prints, PM Calif., Los Angeles, 1956."

Comments: Specialty: Southwestern subjects. Preferred media: oils, watercolors, etching.

Sources: WW73; WW27; WW47. More recently, see Hughes, Artists in California, 311-312; P&H Samuels, 269; Trenton, ed. Independent Spirits, 169.

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