biographie de Stow WENGENROTH (1906-1978)

Birth place: Brooklyn, NY

Death place: Rockport, MA

Addresses: NYC; Greenport, NY

Profession: Printmaker

Studied: ASL, with W. Adams, G.P. Ennis, J. Carlson, G. Bridgman, 1923-27; Grand Central School Art.

Exhibited: Phila. WCC, 1933 (gold), 1943 (gold), 1943 (Pennel Mem. Medal); Phila. Pr. Club, 1934 (prize), 1935 (prize), 1937 (prize), 1939 (prize); SC, 1937 (prize); AV, 1942 (prize); Northwest PM, 1943 (prize); CAFA, 1943 (prize), 1946 (prize); Mint Mus. Art, 1944 (prize); Audubon Artists, 1945 (gold), 1949 (medal of honor); NAC, 1933 (prize); NAD (1968, SFB Morse Medal); Kennedy Galleries, NYC, 1970s; SAGA, NYC

Member: ANA, 1938; NAD, 1941; Providence WCC; CAFA; SC; Prairie PM; NIAL; Soc. Am Graphic Artists; Philadelphia WCC; Albany Print Club.

Work: Boston Public Lib. (large collection); MMA; LOC; BMFA; MoMA; BMA; Syracuse MFA; AGAA; NYPL; WMAA; Denver AM; Milwaukee AI; LACMA; SAM; FMA; PAFA; CI; Albany Inst. Hist. & Art.

Comments: A superb draughtsman and craftsman, Wengenroth began lithography in 1929; and spent his life exploring the range of the lithographic stone, working commercially and as a fine printmaker. He made studies in dry-brush drawing, then line drawing, before commiting the subject to stone. His subjects include views of harbors, coves, lighthouses, buildings, and the plant and animal life of the Northeast. Painting locations include Monhegan Island (ME). Publications: author, Making a Lithograph, 1936; co-author, Stow Wengenroth's New England, 1969.

Sources: WW73; Curtis, Curtis, and Lieberman, 51, 73, 187; Baigell, Dictionary; Ronald and Joan Stuckey, The Lithographs of Stow Wegenroth (1974).

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