biographie de Walter Joseph PHILLIPS (1884-1963)

Birth place: Barton-on-Humber, England

Death place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Addresses: Winnipeg, Canada, 1913-on

Profession: Painter, block printer, etcher, craftsperson, writer, teacher, lecturer

Studied: Birmingham Art School with E.R. Taylor.

Exhibited: Salons of Am., 1924; Los Angeles, 1926 (prize); Graphic Arts Cl., Toronto, 1926 (prize); Boston SAC (med.); AIC

Member: ARCA, 1921; RCA, 1933 (as the only engraver recognized); Calif. PM; Boston SAC.

Work: Nat. Gal., Canada; AIC; Mus. New Mexico; Toronto Gal.; British Mus.; Victoria and Albert Mus.; LACMA; Calif. State Libr.; LOC; Natal, South Africa

Comments: Author: The Technique of the Color Wood-Cut," "The Canadian Scene," "Essays in Wood." Positions: teacher, Univ. Wisconsin, Univ. Alberta, Univ. Manitoba, Banff School FA.

Sources: WW31; P&H Samuels, 372."

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