biographie de Armin LANDECK (1905-1984)

Birth place: Crandon, WI

Death place: East Cornwall, CT

Addresses: East Cornwall, CT, 1931-on

Profession: Painter, engraver

Studied: Univ. MI (B.A.); Columbia Univ. (B.Arch, 1927); ASL (printmaking)

Exhibited: Int"l Graphic Exh., Yugoslavia; Exh. Graphic Arts, 1932 (prize); SAE, 1932, 1936 (prizes); Salons of Am., 1934; PAFA, 1938 (prize); AIC, 1942 (prize); LOC, 1943-45 (prizes); NAD, 1962 (Morse gold med.); Boston Printmakers, 1969 (Wiggins Award); WMAA, 1939-42; So. Am. Graphic Arts, 1969 (purchase prize); Conn. Graphic Arts Cntr., 1998 (solo)

Member: NAD; SAE; Soc. Am. Graphic Arts; Am. Inst. Arts & Letters; fellow, Int. Inst. Arts & Letters; Guggenheim fellow, 1953

Work: MoMA, MMA; NGA; NYPL; AIC; TMA; Newark Mus.; Nebr. State Mus.; LOC; Swedish Nat. Mus., Stockholm; Kaiser Friedrich Mus., Berlin

Comments: During the 1930s, he and Martin Lewis opened the Sch. of Printmakers at George Miller"s 14th Street (NYC) studio. He produced 51 prints of NYC and CT scenes during the 1930s. Teacher: Brearley Sch., NYC, until 1958.

Sources: WW73; WW47; catalogue raisonnÈ of his prints by N & J. Kraeft

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