biographie de Adrian DINGLE (1911-1974)

Birth place: Barmouth, Wales

Addresses: Mississauga, Ont

Profession: Painter

Exhibited: Royal Can Acad Arts, Ottawa, Montreal; Ont Soc Artists, Toronto; 22nd & 23rd Ann Exhibs Contemp Can Art, Hamilton; Roberts Gallery, Toronto, Ont; Gallery 1667, Halifax, NS.

Member: Ont Soc Artists (pres, 1967-1970); Royal Can Acad Arts (exec coun, 1971-1972); life fel Inst Arts & Lett; Lett; Arts & Lett Club, Toronto.

Work: Nat Gallery Can; London Gallery & Art Mus, Ont, Can; Royal Bank Can Collection; Ont Club Collection, Toronto Arts & Lett Club Collection, Toronto.

Comments: Preferred Media: Acrylics. Publications: Illusr, Redcoat sailor, 1956; illusr, Logging with Paul Bunyon, 57 illusr,Tecumtha, 1958; Life in Ontario, a Social History, 1968; contribr, The Great Canadian Comic Books, Peter Martin Assocs, 1971

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