biographie de Evelyne BALLESTRA (1949)

Birth place: Fréjus, France

Addresses: Les Adrets, FR

Profession: Painter, sculptor, Mosaic&Ceramic, Oil on canvas

Exhibited: Salon d'automne, PARIS France, 1977; Salles du vieux Fréjus, Fréjus FR, 1984 (as Evelyne Ballestra-Binosi); Galerie Des Trois Ormeaux, Aix-en-Provence FR, 1977 (as Evelyne Binosi); Salon d'automne "Les peintres de la Côte d'azur", Nice FR, 1988 (collective contemporary art show); Shangaï Art Fair, 2004; La Science de l'Art, Sophia-Antipolis FR, 2008, (Collective contemporary art show)

Work: Represented by Merimmart Gallery, Nice, France.

Comments: Italian origin from her grandmother, arlesian from her grandfather, an hymn to color and light cross Evelyne Ballestra's work since 80's.
At the early's 80, she painted open eyes, faces and towards.
After having travelled in Central and South America, she painted luxuriant and baroque vegetations, big paintings with giant flowers and fruits. She returned in her birth region, the Var (France), in the 85's, where she installed her workshop. Her works are available to see in Nice, France, in her gallery, where her antiquarian husband equally shows old furniture and art's objects.

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