biographie de Max Arthur COHN (1903-1998)

Birth place: London, England

Death place: New York, NY

Addresses: New York, NY (beginning 1905)

Profession: Painter, screenprinter, author

Studied: ASL, 1925-27, with Boardman Robinson, Fisk Boyd, John Sloan; Acad. Colarossi, Paris, 1927

Exhibited: Macys Gal., NYC, 1928; G.R.D. Gal., NYC, 1929; New York Civic Club, 1929; New School for Social Research, NY, 1932 (solo); ACA Gal., 1934, 1935; Salons of America, 1934; New School Soc. Res., 1934, 1957; Roerich Mus., 1935; ASL, 1936, 1975; MOMA, 1936, 1941, 1942; Municipal Art Gal., 1936, 1938; Delphic Studios, 1936, 1937; Albany Inst. Hist. and Art; BM, 1939; Brooklyn Mus., 1939; Delaware Valley Artists Assoc., 1939-60; Barrett Gal., Nat. Serigraph Soc., 1941, 1942, 1945; NJ, 1945; LOC, 1945; Milford, NJ, 1946-57; Bergen Art Gal., NJ, 1963; Har Zion Temple, Phila., 1966; Couturier Gal., Stamford, CT; Lucinda Art Gal., NJ, 1968; Fogg Art Gal., 1970; Nat. Mus. Am. Art, Washington, DC, 1976, 1985; DMFA; NYC WPA Art" at Parsons School Design, 1977; Cork Gal., NYC, 1982; Passaic County College, NJ, 1984; City Gal., NYC, 1984; Kenkeleba Gal., NYC, 1985; MMA; Phila. Mus. Art; CGA; "

Member: ASL; Delaware Valley AA (treasurer); Art League Am.; Nat. Serigraph Soc. (a founder); Archaeological Soc. Am.

Work: NMAA; BMFA; BPL; British Mus., London; MMA; PMA; Albany Inst. History & Art; Nelson Gal. Art; Howard Univ.; Denver AM

Comments: Born in London of Russian parents, he emigrated to New York in 1905. He is best known as a pioneer in screenprints, for in 1924, at the ASL in New York, he made what was likely the first artistic screenprint. He was an easel painter during the WPA. During the 1940s, he was an active member of the Nat. Serigraph Soc. and exhibited at their NYC gallery until its closing around 1950. During the 1950s, he ran a small business called Graphic Arts Studio, and one of his earliest customers to whom he showed the medium was the young Andy Warhol. Among his best known prints are Night Scene, 1938," "Brooklyn Bridge, 1945," "Toy Boats, 1944," and "Harlem River, 1937." His book, Silk Screen Stenciling as a Fine Art, 1942, has been reprinted many times.

Sources: WW59; Peter Falk, "Max Arthur Cohn, Pioneer of the Screenprint," Journal of the Print World, 1989; WW47; New York City WPA Art, 19 (w/repros.); American Scene Painting and Sculpture, 58 (w/repro.)"

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