biographie de Olin Herman TRAVIS (1888-1975)

Birth place: Dallas, TX

Addresses: Dallas, TX in 1976

Profession: Painter, lecturer, lithographer, illustrator, etcher

Studied: AIC, 1904-14 with Kenyon Cox; with R. Jerome Hill in Dallas; Clarkson; Norton; Walcott; Sorolla; C.F. Browne.

Exhibited: AIC, 1920, 1922; Rockefeller Center; GGE, 1939; Texas Centennial; solo exhibits: Chicago, San Antonio, Denver, Dallas; SSAL, 1930 (prize), 1932 (prize); San Francisco Nat., CA; plus many other group & solo shows including New York, NY, Saint Louis, MO, Milwaukee, WI, Houston, Dallas & Abilene, Texas & Oklahoma Univ. Awards: gold medal for portraiture, Art Inst. Chicago School; first landscape award, Southern States Art League, Memphis, TN; plus many others.

Member: Chicago SA; Texas FAA; Highland Park AA; SSAL; San Antonio AI (director); Dallas AI (founder; director, 1926-44); Lone Star Printmakers

Work: Texas Fine Arts Mus., Austin; Highland Park AM.; Dallas MFA; Elisabet Ney Mus. Commissions: Eutra, East Texas Room, Hall of State, Dallas; Love Field Airport, TX; habitat backgrounds for Dallas Mus. Natural History & Corpus Christi Mus., TX

Comments: Married Kathryn Hail, a former student and established a joint studio in Chicago. They returned to Dallas in 1926 when they founded the Dallas AI. In 1927 they founded a summer art colony in the Ozarks in Cass, AR. In the 1930s he painted Colorado landscapes. Preferred media: oils. Positions: director, Dallas Art Assn., eight yrs. Teaching: teacher, AIC; Chicago Commercial Art School, until c.1913; instructor of art, San Antonio Art Inst., TX; instructor of art, Austin College, Sherman, TX.

Sources: WW73; WW47; P & H Samuels, 489.

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