biographie de Jean (John) AUBERY (1810-1893)

Birth place: Kassel, Germany

Addresses: Cincinnati, 1853 and after

Profession: Portrait, historical and religious painter

Exhibited: NAD, 1860; Boston Athen., 1860

Work: Cincinnati Art Mus.

Comments: Aubery worked in Paris 1838-48; in Rome 1848-1853; and then came to the U.S., settling in Cincinnati. He collaborated for a while with R. Strauss painting portraits, Strauss doing the figures and Aubery the landscape backgrounds. Groce & Wallace speculated that John Auberg, listed in the Ohio BD 1859 as living in Cincinnati, was more than likely actually Jean Aubery.

Sources: G&W; Thieme-Becker; Swan, BA, 199; Cincinnati BD 1853, 1856, 1859-60; NAD Cat. 1860, BA Cat. 1860. More recently, see Cincinnati Painters of the Golden Age, 35 (w/illus.).

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