biographie de Eleanor Curtis AHL (1875-1953)

Birth place: Springfield, MA

Death place: Byfield, MA

Addresses: Byfield, MA (near Newbury)

Profession: Landscape and flower painter

Studied: Springfield, MA

Exhibited: Cushing House Museum, Newburyport, Mass., 1997

Comments: Art teacher in Springfield, Mass., public schools before 1902, at which time she married Henry Hammond Ahl (see entry) and traveled throughout Europe. Moved to Essex County, Mass., eventually settling in Byfield, Mass., 1920. Her work from after this date largely consists of still-lifes in oil and landscapes (surrounding her home) in watercolor. Her son, Henry Curtis Ahl, was also an artist.

Sources: WW24; Landscapes of the Newburys Captured by a Family of Massachusetts Painters," Antiques and Arts Weekly, Oct. 17, 1997."

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