biographie de John Dary AIKEN (1908-?)

Birth place: Boston, MA

Addresses: Boston, MA; Wellesley 81, MA

Profession: Painter, educator, lecturer, designer

Studied: Vesper George Sch. A.; and with Eliot O'Hara.

Exhibited: PAFA, 1937; Gloucester SA, 1937-39; Wellesley SA, 1936-46; deCordova & Dana Mus., 1956.

Member: Boston S. Indp. A.; Wellesley SA; Gloucester SA.

Work: deCordova & Dana Mus., Lincoln, Mass.

Comments: Specialties: murals, bookplate designs. Position: t., Browne & Nichols Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1942-46; t. and later hd., dept. of applied design, Boston Sch. Occupational Therapy, Boston, Mass., 1939 until at least 1959.

Sources: WW59; WW47.

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