biographie de Norman CHERNER (1920-1987)

Birth place: NYC

Addresses: NYC, 1947; Westport, CT, 1973

Profession: Designer, lithog, painter, teacher

Studied: N.Y. Sch. F. & Appl. A.; Columbia; William V. Viterelli; A.T. Young.

Exhibited: Inst Contemp Arts, Boston, Mass; Akron Art Inst, Ohio; Mus Fine Arts, Houston, Tex; Brooklyn Mus Art, NY; traveling exhib archit interiors, Am Fedn Arts-Archit League, 1961; plus many other group & solo shows. Awards: Work selected as one of best interiors of yr, Interiors Mag., 1973

Comments: Positions: En., Goodyear Aircraft Co., 1943-44; Des., Bureau of Research & Inventions, USNR, 1944-46; Design consult, Helikon Furniture Corp; dir, Norman Cherner Assoc, New York & Norwalk, Conn, 1946-; designer house for Int Trade Fair, US Dept Commerce in Vienna, Austria, 1958; design consult, Remington Rand Libr Bur; design consult, Gift & Art Ctr, New York; design consult, Pilgrim Glass Corp, W Va Pavilion, New York Worlds Fair, 1964-1965; continual prog furniture design, Robert Benjamin Co, Inc; design consult for all hotels, Marriott Corp, Washington, DC, 1968-; design consult, Rudin Mgt Co, Inc, 1972; pres., Westport Designs, Inc. Teaching: Instr design, MOMA; instr design, Fieldston Sch Indust Design, 1946-49; instr design, Teachers Col, Columbia Univ, 1949-53; lectr design City Col New York & NYPL. Author: Make Your Own Modern Furniture;" "How to Build Children's Toys & Furniture," 1954; "How to Build under $5,000;" "Fabricating Houses From Component parts", 1957.

Sources: WW73; WW47."

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