biographie de Edward Lamson HENRY (1841-1919)

Birth place: Charleston, SC

Death place: Ellenville, NY

Addresses: NYC/Cragsmoor, NY

Profession: Painter, illustrator

Studied: PAFA, 1858; F. Weber in Phila., 1858; W.M. Oddi in NYC, 1855; Paris with Suisse, Gleyre, Courbet, 1860.

Exhibited: NAD, 1861-1919; Brooklyn AA, 1863-84; London, 1875-79; PAFA, 1877-79, 1892; Paris, 1878; Paris Expo., 1889; New Orleans Expo., 1885 (med.); AIC; Columbian Expo., Chicago, 1893 (med.); Boston AC, 1895-1905; Pan.-Am. Expo, Buffalo, 1901 (med.); Charleston Expo., 1902 (med.); St. Louis Expo., 1904 (med.).

Member: ANA, 1867; NA, 1869; AWCS; Artists Fund Soc.; Century Assn.

Work: MMA; CGA; Albany Hist. Soc.; SFMA; Shelburne (VT) Mus.; NY State Dept. of Education; NY State Mus., Albany

Comments: After his return from studying in Europe c.1862, E.L. Henry (as he signed his paintings) settled in NYC where he won recognition for his genre scenes which were historical, anecdotal, rural, and nostalgic. He also painted landscapes and portraits, and exhibited at the National Academy for nearly 60 years. He returned to Europe in 1871 and again after his marriage in 1875, and for the last time in 1881. From the mid-1880s the Henrys wintered in NYC. In the early 1870s and 1880s he spent summers in East Hampton and Sag Harbor, Long Island; subsequently building a home at Cragsmoor, near Ellenville, NY, where Henry was an active and early member of the Cragsmoor Colony, along with Dellenbaugh, Edward Gay, and others.

Sources: WW17; G&W; McCausland, Edward Lamson Henry (1945), which contains a full account of Henry's career, along with a checklist of 1,222 of his works and 262 illus. See also: Cowdrey, American Genre Painter"; Naylor, NAD; Phila. BD and CD 1859-60; Baigell, Dictionary;Muller, Paintings and Drawings at the Shelburne Museum, 76 (w/repros.); Pisano, The Long Island Landscape, n.p.; East Hampton: The 19th Century Artists' Paradise;The Cragsmoor Artists' Vision of Nature, introduction; Falk, Exh. Record Series.

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