biographie de Lucia HOLLERITH (1891-?)

Birth place: Washington, DC

Death place: Bethesda, MD

Addresses: Washington 7, DC/Mathews, VA

Profession: Painter

Studied: Lola McD. Sleeth at Nat..Cathedral Sch.; PMG Sch.; Corcoran Sch. Art; Cameron Burnside; Henry Snell; Karl Knaths

Exhibited: NAD; SSAL; Soc. Wash. A.; Wash. AC.; Springfield AL; Soc. Indp. A.; NAWPS; MD Inst.;Salons of Am., 1931; Gr. Wash. Indep. Exh., 1935; Wash. AC (exhib. for over 50 years)

Member: NAWA; SSAL; Soc. Wash. Artists; Wash. AC (mem. for over 50 years); Wash. Soc. FA; Laguna Beach AA.

Sources: WW59; WW47; McMahan, Artists of Washington, D.C.

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